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Plants and ecosystems

A strong understanding of ecosystems and associated plant communities is a fundamental component of environmental planning and management. This knowledge relates directly to habitat quality and suitability ratings for fish and Wildlife and is foundational to analysis and mapping of environmental sensitive areas.

Ecoscape staff have considerable experience classifying and describing ecosystems that occur from the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Ecotone of Ontario, to the vast boreal forests of the north, to the diverse ecosystems that occur throughout British Columbia. A summary of our plant and ecosystem related services, expertise, and professional interests are provided below:

  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping
  • Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory
  • Wildlife Danger Tree Assessments
  • Habitat Surveys
  • Vegetation Surveys
  • Wetland Classification, Evaluations and Mapping
  • Invasive plant surveys and management plans
  • Restoration Planning