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Ecoscape has extensive combined experience in conducting effective Wildlife surveys, species inventories, and habitat assessments throughout western Canada and eastward into Ontario. We have a broad range of skills in species identification, Wildlife capture and handling, and habitat evaluation and assessment, including restoration of disturbed habitats. Ecoscape is able to apply this experience to develop comprehensive Wildlife management plans, impact mitigation techniques, and recovery strategies. We have access to a wide range of equipment and vehicles to allow us to complete Wildlife studies in any location, weather condition, or physical environment. A summary of our Wildlife services, expertise, and professional interests are provided below:

  • Breeding Bird Surveys
  • Mist netting and Banding
  • Pre-Construction Nest Surveys
  • Waterfowl Inventories
  • Amphibian and Reptile Surveys
  • Bat Identification and Inventory
  • Wildlife Collection and Salvage
  • Species at Risk Surveys
  • Small Mammal Trapping and Mark/Recapture Studies
  • Furbearer and Ungulate Winter Tracking Surveys
  • Invasive Species Identification and Management Planning
  • Biophysical Inventory and Biodiversity Assessment
  • Wildlife Inventories and Habitat Suitability/Capability Assessment
  • Wildlife Habitat Modeling and Mapping
  • Wildlife Management Planning and Monitoring