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Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) is the monitoring of the effects of an industrial or resource-based activity on the receiving environment. Ecoscape has experience in the design and implementation of defensible qualitative and quantitative studies that assess the condition or response of ecological communities and organisms to such activities. Ecoscape is actively involved with long-term EEM and research studies in conjunction with the Shoreline Development, Energy and Power, Transportation, and Water Management sectors. Our experience ranges from the monitoring of effects of flow regulation due to hydro-electric power generation to assessing and quantifying the effects of development in our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The following is a list services we provide as part of an effect EEM strategy:

  • Benthic Invertebrate Community Monitoring
  • Long Term Water Quality Monitoring
  • Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping
  • Foreshore Inventory and Mapping
  • Biodiversity Studies
  • Population Studies
  • Biomass Quantification
  • Watershed Management