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Ecoscape has a strong reputation for providing advanced Geographical Information System (GIS) services.  Our experience in these applications has been demonstrated across all service sectors.  Our GIS and mapping service is applied to the majority of projects undertaken by Ecoscape and plays a key role in the successful delivery of environmental management solutions. We understand the widespread potential of GIS and the availability of mapping information.  When applied effectively, it is an integral component to the successful completion of our projects. 

Ecoscape utilizes a suite of equipment that allows us to complete almost any survey.  Our equipment includes traditional survey grade total stations, decimeter level mapping GPS’s, GNSS Receivers for base stations, and RTK surveying.  Ecoscape also utilizes transducers for bathymetric surveying with all types of survey methods in addition to  laser scanning.

Some examples of surveys we conduct are:

  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Site Surveys
  • Stockpile and Volumetric Surveying
  • Fish Passage Assessments of Closed Bottom Structures
  • Tributary Migration Access surveys
  • Topographic Change Monitoring
  • Laser Scanning