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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments review and evaluate the potential risks for adverse impacts on ecological resource values. Our diverse and extensive experience completing baseline ecological studies and inventories supports a well-informed framework for comprehensive spatially accurate Impact Assessments. We measure the habitat balance of existing baseline conditions against the potential post development scenarios and subsequently development mitigation and compensation strategies. Throughout these exercises, we factor in fundamental components of ecological landuse planning to protect important fish and wildlife habitat and function.

The following highlights our realm of experience with Environmental Impact Assessments. The scale of studies completed by Ecoscape range from single family riparian and terrestrial assessments to multimillion dollar private and public infrastructure and development projects.

  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) Studies and Reports
  • British Columbia Environmental Assessment Act Studies and Reports
  • Mitigation and Compensation Planning and Design
  • Landscape Restoration Planning and Design
  • Bioengineering
  • Regulatory Approvals (i.e., Fisheries Act, Water Act, Local Government, Environmental Canada)
  • Development Permits (Aquatic and Sensitive Terrestrial Ecosystem)
  • Riparian Areas Regulation
  • Environmental Sensitivity Analysis