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Many of the projects Ecoscape has completed have involved identification, inventory, and habitat evaluation for rare and endangered Wildlife or species of management concern. Ecoscape is intimately familiar with provincial Best Management Practices, COSEWIC status and recovery reports, and RISC inventory methods related to the many identified Species at Risk within the Okanagan and throughout BC. Our collective experience encompasses knowledge in habitat preferences and requirements for the vast majority of terrestrial and aquatic At Risk species in the southern interior. Ecoscape has developed a number of site specific prescriptions to minimize impacts or restore habitat quality and connectivity for rare and endangered species based on a variety of Governmental and developmental pressures. A summary of our professional and volunteer experience with Species at Risk is provided below:

  • Burrowing Owl Release at Merritt, BC
  • Rocky Mountain Ridged Mussel Mark and Relocate Program in Okanagan Lake
  • Kokanee Spawning Enumeration and Monitoring
  • Western Screech-Owl Surveys and Nest Box Installation
  • Western Painted Turtle Surveys and Road Crossing Design and Implementation
  • Western Grebe Nest Colony Suitability and Habitat Improvement
  • Lewis’s Woodpecker Surveys and Nesting Locations
  • Great Basin Spadefoot surveys and Relocation
  • Review and Comment on Various COSEWIC Status Reports and
  • Recovery Strategies