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Work Program Summary

Ecoscape conducted fish, Wildlife, habitat, and Species at Risk surveys for ecosystems occurring within and adjacent proposed inundation areas of Turtle Lake (South East Kelowna Irrigation District), as part of ongoing applications to expand the reservoir. These assessments involved identifying and quantifying important trout spawning areas, moose wintering grounds, and amphibian habitats along the shoreline of the lake to determine potential environmental effects of reservoir expansion. Subsequently, measures were developed to ensure that temporal and long term ecological effects of reservoir development and expansion would be appropriately mitigated.

The work with the South East Kelowna Irrigation District on Turtle Reservoir involved a Canadian Environmental Assessment Act screening process and was reviewed by Agriculture Canada (funding source), Environment Canada, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Permitting for this project was completed in 2006 and environmental monitoring of construction for the Turtle Reservoir Expansion was completed in fall 2009.

Category of Services

Environmental Impact Assessment, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Wildlife, Species at Risk, GIS Mapping and Analysis, Watershed Management

Category of Sectors

Water Resources