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Merritt Timber Service Area Fish Passage Assessments of Closed Bottom Structures

Ecoscape completed assessments of fish passage through closed bottom structures throughout the Tulameen River and Myren-Pike Mountain watershed areas. The process has four steps ranging from planning to implementation and includes a methodology to rank sites for restoration based on a consistent field data collection, professional review using local knowledge of fisheries/habitat biology, engineering and a simple cost benefit analysis. Ecoscape completed all works in accordance to the methodology, including field inventories, processing and analyzing the data to rank and prioritize sites for fish passage mitigation, and reporting to be used in implementation. The objective is to ensure fish passage assessments are done in high value fisheries watersheds and that money is spent restoring fish passage at the highest priority identified sites.

Category of Services

Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Environmental Effects Monitoring, GIS Analysis and Mapping

Category of Sectors

Forestry, Government, Industrial / Commercial