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Work Program Summary

Ecoscape has completed numerous private moorage development assessment in the Okanagan and Shuswap watersheds and is considered a leader in environmental permitting associated for these projects. To date, we have helped approximately 50 customers with the assessment and permitting for their moorage. We have good rapport and working relationships with all of the moorage contractors who are regularly construction moorages. Ecoscape works closely with the land owner or developer and engineers or contractors to develop plans that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Our good rapport with regulatory agencies ensures that we can help you navigate your project through from design to construction.

Coupled with our works on marina developments, Ecoscape has also worked on numerous tram access development projects. These unique structures are similar to elevators and provide excellent and environmentally sustainable access on steep sloping properties. As always, we work with our clients from concept and design through construction stages.

Category of Service

Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Monitoring and Management, Environmental Land Use Planning, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Category of Sectors

Real Estate and Development, Industrial / Commercial