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Work Program Summary

Ecoscape conducted a songbird survey at the Sicamous Creek Research Forest. This project was part of an ongoing research project being completed by Thompson Rivers University. The intent of the project was to investigate changes in the songbird community associated with different timber harvesting block sizes and involves variable point counts along pre-defined stations. Data for this project has been collected by Ecoscape personnel for 4 of the 12 years of the project.

Songbirds (Passerines) and other orders of birds were sampled using limited radius (100m) point counts along 1500m long parallel transects spaced at 200-m. Counts were conducted during the short high elevation breeding season (June-July). All surveys were conducted between 0500 and 1000 hrs to coincide with peak singing activity, and no counts were made during inclement weather. Species recorded between point counts along the transect were also included into the database. The primary method of detection was through song, followed by visual observations.

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