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Work Program Summary

Ecoscape completed a Source Water Assessment for the Hydraulic, Oyama and Vernon Creek Community Watersheds. These assessments have been completed for the District of Lake Country and for the South East Kelowna Irrigation District. Our assessment followed the Comprehensive Drinking Water Source to Tap Assessment Guidelines. The overall objectives were to identify current and/or future drinking water health hazards and vulnerabilities, characterize the risk posed by each identified hazard and provide recommendations to reduce the overall impacts on the drinking water source. To achieve these objectives, Ecoscape used a range of methodologies that included GIS and GPS technologies. The watershed was ground-truthed to accurately characterize reservoirs, source streams, water diversions, infrastructure and existing and potential water quality hazards. In addition, Ecoscape compiled existing data/information through communications with private and Governmental agencies, and by extensive literature reviews. The end result of our assessment was development of a watershed risk tool that is being utilized by stakeholders to better manage the watersheds.

Category of Services

Watershed Management, GIS Mapping and Analysis, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources,

Catagory of Sectors

Government, Industrial / Commercial, Real Estate and Development