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Work Program Summary

Ecoscape carried out a Wildlife Habitat Assessment to determine if local ecosystems could support an introduced population (9-12 individuals) of Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni), given the already existing populations of mule deer, whitetailed deer, moose and cattle. The Wildlife Habitat Assessment was completed using the provincial Wildlife Habitat Rating Standards as a guide. (MOE, 1999). Summer and winter habitat ratings for each species were developed across all vegetation polygons. Areas with significant overlap were then ground truthed to confirm the accuracy of the vegetation communities and population estimates for deer and moose were determined through pellet transect surveys. The pellet surveys were completed according to Groundbased Inventory Methods for Selected Ungulates: Moose, Elk Deer (RIC, 1998).

Category of Services

Wildlife, Plants and Ecosystems, GIS Mapping and Analysis

Category of Sectors

Non Profit