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Work Program Summary

Ecoscape was retained by Ruskin Construction Ltd. (Ruskin) to provide environmental monitoring services for the construction of Ingram Bridge Pier No. 2, located along Highway 3 over the Kettle River between Rock Creek and Midway, BC. Rehabilitation works required comprehensive instream environmental monitoring. Ecoscape successfully implemented regulatory requirements which required worksite isolationv (i.e., dewater with fish salvage). Environmental monitoring works were in place to ensure activities did not pose unforeseen or increased risk causing undue harm to fish or fish habitat. Where necessary, Ecoscape worked with the contractor through adaptive management processes to mitigate unforeseen impacts and ensure compliance with Best Management Practices. The project was completed successfully and effectively because of our ability to work adaptively with the contractor in an efficient manner.

Category of Services

Environmental Monitoring, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Category of Sectors

Transportation and Infrastructure, Industrial / Commercial, Government