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Natural Resource Biologist

Mr. McGill has 8 years of environmental experience and is a Natural Resource Biologist with Ecoscape. Scott has considerable experience working on many multi-disciplinary engineering, environmental assessment, scientific research, natural habitat inventory and impact assessment projects across Ontario and British Columbia in the transportation, oil and gas, industrial and land development sectors.

Mr. McGill has conducted a variety of aquatic sampling programs including but not limited to benthic invertebrates collection/analysis and water quality monitoring related to construction and aquatic species at risk. Scott has supervised crews for fisheries research projects involving underwater documentation, passive and active fish capture techniques, tagging and marking, acoustic and telemetry surveys, age and growth analysis, and creel surveys. He has also provided sediment and erosion control inspection services on several projects where fisheries mitigation and compensation measures were implemented. Scott has provided onsite guidance in and around watercourse features for the installation and maintenance of sediment and erosion control measures as well as fish and fish habitat mitigation measures including by-pass channels, site isolation and dewatering, and fish rescue operations. He has diverse experience in assessing post construction monitoring conditions and reporting on site stability and natural feature protection following construction.

When not working, Scott enjoys fishing/hunting, hiking, camping, hockey, snowboarding, and competitive bass angling.