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Renee is a Natural Resource Biologist with Ecoscape Environmental Consultants Ltd. With over two years of experience in academic and environmental field projects involving climate change, subarctic hydrology, and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, Renee has been involved in various research, environmental management, and restoration plans for private, academic, and government use. 

Renee’s environmental experience has included land use planning, environmental assessments, contamination assessments and environmental monitoring. Renee has taken part in projects involving aquatic biology, climate studies, vegetation surveys, and stream geomorphology mapping. She has also done soil, ground water, and surface water quality monitoring within various ecosystems.  Her biology experience includes diverse terrestrial and aquatic surveys, fish salvages, and aquatic habitat mapping. With a background in hydrology, terrestrial environments, and mapping, she has conducted field studies in Ontario, British Columbia and remote regions of Yukon. 

Renee’s position within Ecoscape focusses on local development projects and providing useful recommendations for best management practices for construction projects. Outside of work, Renee enjoys trail running, snowboarding, mountain biking, and camping.