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Environmental GIS Specialist

Mr. Wagner is a GIS Analyst / Environmental Scientist with Ecoscape. He has over 8 years of experience completing large assignments including the preparation of reports, maps, field inventories, GIS models and analysis associated with terrestrial and aquatic habitats, watershed assessments, and topographic/bathymetric modeling. Mr. Wagner specializes in data management, utilizing GPS for field data collection and GIS for processing and analysis. He is highly skilled in GIS applications and has extensive experience with Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping, watershed assessments, and Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping inventories, and spatial analysis.

Mr. Wagner'€™s multi-disciplinary background allows him to contribute to all projects, by performing air photo interpretation, environmental monitoring, ecosystem mapping, land surveying, preparation of environmental construction management plans (e.g., erosion and sediment control), AutoCAD, GIS, and a variety of other tasks, as needed. As the primary GIS analyst and mapping specialist, Mr. Wagner has the experience necessary to more than adequately manage and analyze the range of data collected for the various types of Ecoscape projects.

Rob is a proud father of two little girls. When not working he can be located somewhere in the bowels of his rural home upgrading wiring, plumbing, or completing fine carpentry and finishing work.