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Natural Resources Biologist 

Mary Ann is a registered professional biologist and has been employed with Ecoscape since 2007. She has experience managing a diverse array of projects in the areas of environmental planning, development, and research. Mary Ann has experience in both terrestrial and aquatic environments and most of her worked has focused on fish and Wildlife ecology, watershed management, parks planning and conservation. Direct biological experience includes estuarine benthic sampling and inventory, wetland classification, terrestrial and aquatic assessments, surveys/inventories of amphibians, reptiles, bird and small mammals.

Ms. Olson-Russello is experienced in a variety of different scientific techniques that span a vast array of disciplines. In addition, she has worked in numerous environmental education and stewardship initiatives, including monarch butterfly conservation in Michoacan, Mexico, a biomedical survey of captive giant pandas in Wolong, China, and a local program to educate school children on the conservation of the Okanagan Lake kokanee.

In addition to work, she enjoys hiking, bird watching, swimming and spending time with family and friends.