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Kyle Hawes is a Senior Natural Resource Biologist and Director of Ecoscape Environmental Consultants Ltd. (Ecoscape). With over 14- years experience, he has conducted numerous field studies within aquatic and terrestrial habitats throughout British Columbia, Ontario, the Northwest Territories, and Alberta. His particular area of expertise is freshwater fisheries and aquatic ecosystems. Kyle has provided services to a broad sector base from mining, to forestry, natural resource projects, transportation, urban land development, and various research and conservation initiatives.

Kyle is a very well-rounded biologist with demonstrated skills in fisheries and aquatic habitat studies, fish and benthic taxonomy, amphibian and reptile inventory and life history studies, bird inventories/counts from BC through to Ontario, terrestrial ecosystem mapping and vegetation surveys, wetland evaluations/classifications, Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping, and small mammal surveys, and stream and wetland restoration.

Kyle has worked closely with regional, provincial, and federal inventory specialists to develop and refine inventory protocols and data collection requirements and standards. Kyle has been a leader in the development of inventory programs in often challenging environments. Specifically, Kyle has developed Wetland Inventory methods that have provided the City of Kelowna with an invaluable tool. Coupled with this, Kyle has developed a new assessment protocol for mapping large rivers in BC and subsequently developed a comprehensive habitat index with Jason for these systems.

When not working Kyle keeps active as a triathlete, an avid nordic skier, hockey player, and father of three young boys.