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Jason is a Senior Biologist and Principal with Ecoscape and started the company with Kyle to work on interesting and exciting projects. He has numerous published technical and prepared peer reviewed publications. Jason has worked on a variety of different projects in terrestrial, lake and stream ecosystems. Working with all sectors, Jason has been effective at collecting, interpreting, and analyzing biological data.

Mr. Schleppe is a leader in the province in the development Foreshore Inventory and Mapping (FIM) a methodology that was developed with local, provincial, and federal Government agencies, that is now being used as the template for lake inventory and mapping projects. Jason has developed important spatial risk assessment tools for Source Water Protection Planning in the Okanagan, working with local and provincial agencies to ensure adequate source water protection. Finally, Jason has been involved on numerous water infrastructure projects, such as dams, bridges, culverts, and instream habitat restoration. The above highlights his ability to work with Governmental agencies to develop practical solutions by integrating biological principles into land use planning and engineering design.

When not working, Jason escapes with his family to camp and fish at his many "€˜undisclosed"€™ trophy lakes throughout BC.