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If your project requirements are complex and multi-disciplinary, we bring together a comprehensive team of associates that include hydraulic, geotechnical, environmental engineers, planning specialists, groundwater scientists, and limnologists. Contact Us to assemble a custom team of professionals to suite your project needs.

Ecoscape believes in the importance of community and stewardship. Staff at Ecoscape regularly give presentations to municipalities, land managers, and even school groups on topics relating to Environmental Land Use Planning, ecology, and the importance of habitat conservation. Ecoscape has also been involved in initiatives by local and provincial governments to educate and implement habitat restoration awareness. In these initiatives, Ecoscape participates with school children in ways where children can become active participants in habitat restoration efforts and awareness in their community.

We at Ecoscape believe that sustainable use of our landscape is of paramount importance. We also believe that the responsibility of becoming stewards of the land falls on everyone. Ecoscape has experience in working with landowners to promote economical and sustainable land management practices. Ecoscape is also actively involved in community initiatives that educate the public with respect to our environment. Stewardship initiatives include landowner partnerships, education programs for the public, and hands on workshops. Ecoscape also participates in the Adopt a Stream Program and has taken over cleanup for a section of Mill (Kelowna) Creek in an industrial area.

Ecoscape was founded in 2006 and has quickly developed a reputation for providing quality and cost efficient environmental services throughout southern British Columbia. As a small, employee-owned company, we successfully outcompete many of our larger competitors, and we pride ourselves on providing economic solutions to today'€™s environmental challenges.

Ecoscape clients range from all levels of government, to large corporations and developers, to single- family homeowners. Ecoscape staff are well-versed in the environmental requirements and regulations pertinent to each; and working across this varied spectrum facilitates a level of proficiency and thoroughness.

Company overview

Since our humble beginnings 10 years ago, we have relied on our professional strengths and unsurpassed quality of work in growing a successful Environmental Consulting firm. Our successes to date have been a product of positive referrals and hard work. Looking to the future, we aim to build on this success and continue to lead as a high quality, cost effective firm of natural science professionals.

At Ecoscape, we strive to understand our client'€™s needs and to succeed in integrating and balancing these needs within the regulatory frameworks to ensure sound environmental management.

Ecoscape'€™s adaptive management approach allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to the evolving needs of our clients as well as to the complex relationships of natural systems.